We have a a really nice sounding live room here at Studio148 and it’s big enough to accomodate bands playing live with individual custom monitoring.

Thanks to our premium 32 input analog to digital conversion from Antelope Audio and assorted preamps, rest assured it will sound great!

Of course we can also sit comfortably in the control room, drink the best coffee in town and edit, record, reamp, mix or master your tracks with clarity and detail through our nice monitoring system.

In case you’re missing a piece of gear for the session or your back hurts, don’t worry, we have a full backline with drums from Odery and Pearl, Istanbul and Turkish Cymbals, guitar/bass amps and cabinets for every ocasion be it Rock, Pop or roaring Metal.

And if you’re traveling from faraway, you’re in luck because we’re situated in the central part of Bucharest and there’s hotels and hostels just outside the studio, guarded parking space and cool places to eat just a few minutes away.

  • We are proudly endorsed by Antelope Audio and their Orion 32+ – 32 input / output high end converter is the center of our studio.
  • We use Cubase 9 Pro as our main DAW¬†but can work in almost any daw you can imagine.
  • We make beats and weird instrumentals in Maschine and Ableton.
  • We have a lot of plugins and whatnot from : Slate Digital, Native Instruments, Stillwell, Soundtoys, Eventide, Positive Grid.
  • We monitor through Adam A77x, Yamaha HS5 and Beyerdynamic Dt-770.


Our mic and gear locker consists of :
Neumann TLM 67
Shure SM7b
Rode K2
Rode Nt-2
Oktava Mk-012 x 2
Rode Nt-55 x 2
Sm57 x 5
Sennheiser MD21
Grundig GDSM 202
Audix D2 x 4
Audix D4 x 2
Audix i5 x 3
Audix ADX 51 x 2
Shure Beta 52
Warm Audio WA76
Focusrite Isa Two
Spl Goldmike
Spl Track One
Fredenstein Artistic Mic Pre x 4
Gap 73
Soundtracs 24 input mixer
Focusrite Octopre
+ many guitar pedals and effects.